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AV Small Classroom
We can offer a wide range of equipment to fit all your needs. Whether it is the smallest projector and whiteboard, to the very latest high definition projector and interactive smart board, visualizer, sound system or a touch screen room control.

Large AV in a Council Chamber / Lecture Room
We can design a system to fit your needs in any size room. Whether it is a Grade 1 listed council chamber or a new build lecture theatre. We can offer a range of Audio Visual Conferencing systems varying from a single button push to talk system to a fully digital audio and voting system with card registration and automatic camera follow. All audio can then be enhanced by a sound system designed to fit the acoustical properties of the room.

The display system can range from a single projector and screen to a fully automated multi projection and multi LCD display system which will allow everyone in the room to have the best view of the information showing on the system. All this can be controlled by a touch screen control system, allowing it to be used by anyone with minimal training.

All this then can be Web Cast live or archived and made available from your web site at a later date.

Consulting / Interview Room Recording Systems
We can offer a range of portable audio recording equipment right up to multiple pan, tilt and zoom camera systems with audio recording, plus covert talk back to staff from a separate monitoring room. All this can be recorded in the media format of your choice.

Leisure / Entertainment Systems
Whether you need a small Public Address system or a full voice evacuation system to the latest BS Standards, or whether it's a large sound system for the use by bands and DJ'S, we can design and install a system that will best suit your needs. We also work closely with architects and interior designers to ensure that the system sits comfortably within the environment with minimal intrusion.

Equipment Rack Design and Build
We can design, supply and build equipment racks to fit any requirements. Whether this is a commercial Public Address rack in a plant room, or a bespoke custom made wooden rack for a church or council chamber. Our custom racks can be made with any wood finish and stained to match existing furnisher / interiors.

Theatre / Entertainment Lighting
Whether it is a small stage lighting system for a drama room, a multi-channel dimming system with programmable control desk for a theatre or a disco / night club system, we can design and install a system to match your need and budget. We only use fully qualified electricians and can supply custom made lighting bars and trussing.

Places of Worship
We have over 30 years of experience installing systems in churches and can offer our services throughout the design and planning of the system. We can also offer advice on applying for planning permission for the installation of the system in your church. We can offer a design service for fitting hard of hearing Loop systems, and can offer new improved ways of fulfilling these requirements.

We will design a system that will suit the interior of your building and pick the best speaker type to work in your acoustic environment. This will include using the most relevant Radio Microphones, Wired Microphones and mixers. The end result is a system that is easily used and blends into the surrounding architecture.


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